Web Solutions

Choosing a secure Web and Email Presence Provider is an important factor in getting the results you need from your company email and web site. We offer a wide range of cost efficient and secure services, from providing your own web and email hosting to web page generation. We can advise you on specific details on how your company can utilize all and current resources along with new services available to your company. Web Design and Development

In a partnership with Conticreative.com, a Sacramento Web Agency specializing in Joomla! CMS and E-commerce. Conticreative provides professional Web Design services, SEO consulting, graphic design services, brand design, website design and corporate training of the above, in the Sacramento and Northern California area as well as the rest of the USA and Europe.

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Network Solutions

Synergies Systems is a Local and Wide Area Network Integrator Specializing in Microsoft Windows NT and Novell Netware operating systems. We provide high quality, cost-effective network and Internet Solutions custom designed to meet the information systems needs of your organization.

Along with our Consulting Services we offer a wide range of prepackaged services such as:

Network Assist

If you're having problems with your current network, such as lack of bandwidth, IP address migration, or if you're just in the planning phase for a new installation, then with Network Assist, you can call in our Network Consultants to look at the current situation and plan you a way to improve it and solve your problems.

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Securities Solutions


Synergies Systems offers a wide range of security solutions, as an independent advisor, we can audit your existing security infrastructure and advise on how to improve it.

We have a number of packaged services which include:

Firewall 's guard corporate networks from malicious assaults while providing users with the protected means to connect to public networks such as the Internet. Networks can also be safeguarded from vicious internal attacks through the creation of Firewall's that segment the network and allow multiple levels of access. Without a Firewall, a company's network is exposed to inherently insecure services, probes and invasions. Firewall's improve network security by filtering insecure services and protecting the LAN.

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